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Domain Spammers : Volume 1


There’s nothing lower in the domain food chain than spammers that scour the WHOIS info of domain registrants and send them junk email.

Even when the target domain is under WHOIS shield, these scumbags mass-mail their wares – ranging from cheap web services to fake SEO and domain renewal claims.

We’re starting a new service today, exposing those mass-spamming slimy bastards and their contact info.

Here’s the first batch:


Email: vip <110@whonearby.com>
Subject: 1800出售吗?
Domain: whonearby.com
Registrar: Ename
Location: China
Category: Mass email for domain acquisitions.

Email: noreply@authorization4382.com
Subject: Notification of Registration of / RE: Attn: Registration
Domain: authorization4382.com
Registrar: Foshan YiDong Network Co.LTD
Location: China
Category: Fake SEO services invoice.

Email: Kyle Ebert <kyle@elitewebdesigningteam.com>
Subject: Website design
Domain: elitewebdesigningteam.com
Registrar: GoDaddy
Location: India
Category: Mass web design spam.

Email: Service <info@doubledomainseo.com>
Subject: Domain notice
Domain: doubledomainseo.com and domainservicereg.net
Location: China
Category: Fake SEO services invoice.

Email: Winning Email <support@winning.email>
Subject: Warning: domain has email deliverability issues
Domain: winning.email
Registrar: TLD Registrar Solutions Ltd.
Location: Unknown
Category: Mass domain solicitation spam.

Email: Robert Jones <support@lexmarkpvtltd.in>
Subject: Logo & Website Designer & Developer & Article Writer
Domain: lexmarkpvtltd.in and genescocorp.co.in
Registrar: GoDaddy
Location: India
Category: Mass web design spam.

Email: Domain Notice <domains@listingdomainreg.com>
Subject: Domain Notification for .com : This is your Final Notice of Domain Listing
Domain: listingdomainreg.com
Registrar: Dynadot
Location: Ecuador
Category: Fake SEO services invoice.

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2 Responses to “Domain Spammers : Volume 1”
  1. Robert says:

    I love when they try to sell you a domain that isn’t even registered, or about to expire but not theirs… I always tell them i’m interested, wait for them to acquire and then “sorry changed my mind”

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