BODIS : UDRP failed to reclaim domain embattled in a business dispute against CredoBill, a domain that was taken over by a credit processor company called CredoBill, became the focus of a UDRP at the National Arbitration Forum.

Mint Pharmacy and Skin Clinic is a wholly owned business of PharmaMedRx LLC, with the corporate office located in North Palm Beach, Florida.

According to the UDRP process, Respondent took control the domain from the Complainant, in order to perform services for Complainant and then refused to return control to Complainant.

Complainant states that it approached a business by the name of “Credobill” to perform certain services related to credit card processing through the Complainant’s website. Complainant states that Respondent then altered the registration information for the domain name and locked Complainant out of access to the domain name.


As part of the UDRP, a declaration titled, “THEFT OF DOMAIN NAME MINTRX.COM” was presented.  It alleges that the domain name has been hijacked, and that any action taken in respect of the domain name by Credobill exceeded the authority given to it by way of a “Merchant Agreement” between the parties.

Unfortunately, part of the facts are not very clear in this proceeding, leading the sole panelist, Debrett G. Lyons, to deny the transfer of the domain, citing various inconsistencies or lack of supporting evidence.

It is clear, however, that the web site at displays ownership information consistent with the Complainant’s filings.

A Ripoff Report exists on the Respondent, CredoBill, that gives some potential insight about what might have transpired between the two parties. It is not clear whether the CredoBill company is in the UK under the Japanese name “Hiroshi Komatsu,” per the current WHOIS records; in the past, while the web site resolved, they had a support team in Malaysia.

Clearly a mess that will require the involvement of a US court to authorize the transfer of the domain.

For the full text of the UDRP decision on the domain, click here.

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