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36Names : Domain leasing project goes live


During NamesCon 2016, the founders of 36Names shared with us their plans for a domain leasing platform, targeting start-ups and corporations.

We have been notified that the project ended its testing phase, and is now live.

Lauren Smith, co-founder of 36Names stated:

36Names.com has gone live.

36Names.com has gone live.

36names.com is live and and accepting domain names from the domainer community.

I’m proud of what 36names is doing. We’re using technology to make domain name leasing the ideal solution, for you, the domainers, and our worldwide entrepreneur community.

To encourage early adoption of our brand-new model, our special two-sided referral code system for early users will not only reward domainers for listing domains but it will also incentivize buyers to work with you through 36names.

At the same time, we require no commitments, no exclusivity, and listing is completely free.

Our rules & recommendations:

  • We ONLY need to know (1) the domain name and (2) an email address connected to your Paypal (so we can pay you easily!) to add a domain to 36names.
  • We recommend providing prices. Without a listed price, viewers will see “Contact Owner” for that field. They’re more likely to act if they see a price.
  • If you provide a purchase price, but not a monthly lease price, we’ll set the monthly lease price to Sale Price / 60 (assumes a 5-year lease).
    So if your purchase price is $36,000, the monthly lease price would be $600.
    We’d set the % of Monthly Purchase Price Allocated to Lease Price at 75%, the optimal percentage according to our research.

What are the benefits of leasing-to-own a domain name?

Benefits for lessees:

  • Minimal up-front capital commitment
  • Ability to test concept
  • Preserves exclusive optionality to buy

Benefits for domain owners:

  • Control over lease terms
  • Generate incremental cash flow
  • Incentivize lessee to purchase in future

For more information and to try out the 36Names platform, visit 36Names.com.

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