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Ammar Kubba : Furious domain ventures!


Domain investor, Ammar Kubba is always working on new, exciting domain ventures; after the Nintendo video game launch with brother Omar, he’s already onto something bigger: Hollywood.

“Ever since I was a teenager, sporting a full head of dark hair, I wanted to star in a movie,” said Ammar Kubba.

“My biggest dream was to star in an action movie, full of exotic sports cars, beautiful women, explosions, and an exciting scenario. I can now say this will be checked off my bucket list!” exclaimed Kubba, smiling.

Ammar’s taking on a co-starring role in “Furious 8” and the movie’s predecessor, “Furious 7” made $1 billion dollars in just a few days. Ammar Kubba believes this will be an even bigger blockbuster, generating a trillion dollars.

“Guys can identify with a dynamic dude with a shaved head, and women will swoon as usual. The hardest part will be me acting less, as I’m very convincing and my character in the movie is extremely violent. I have to tone it down a bit,” added Kubba, looking very serious.

This will be Ammar’s second movie this year, after science fiction spoof comedy “Domainer Wars” which was in theaters in January.

We can’t wait for ‘Furious 8’ to be released!

Kubba 8 - The Movie.

Kubba 8 – The Movie.

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