Apologies to Frank Schilling …

Dear Frank,

I tried very hard to abstain from engaging in the abominable sin of gluttony.

My initial plan was to wait until Christmas day, when it’s time to gather around the HDTV depiction of a cozy, wood-cackling fireplace. As we don’t get snow in Florida, it’s the next best thing to winter we can get.

It would be during the opening of the Christmas presents that I would present everyone with a slice of the exquisite delicacy that you so kindly provided.

Alas, I am nothing but human, with an appetite for quality, moist cake. The Tortuga rum cake was opened tonight, on Winter Solstice.

I am celebrating the longest night of the year, gorging myself with Tortuga rum cake until I either pass out from sheer sweet infusion, or from the ample, aged rum it was soaked in.

Please forgive me, Frank, I could not wait until Christmas, I am very, very sorry.

Not. 😀

Thank you, Frank.

Uniregistry sent us the very best Tortuga rum cake.

Uniregistry sent us the very best Tortuga rum cake.

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3 Responses to “Apologies to Frank Schilling …”
  1. John Berryhill says:

    Hey, don’t feel bad. I came back last week with the duty-free six-pack. Gone. Like, before I knew it. Gone.

  2. If you keep eating so fast by Christmas you will be FAT GANG … lol … jk 😀

  3. Francois says:

    I remember Frank also sent me such cakes few years ago and my wife asked me to keep one for his dad, but it’s a shame, it was stronger than me… I am unable to be reasonable, it’s terrible!

    Enjoy the holidays!

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