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Chinese auction site 4.CN is the new king of trademark violations


Numerous trademark violations are listed on Chinese auction platform, 4.CN

Ever since it changed its policies, Australian Domain marketplace, Flippa, has taken measures to disallow and remove trademark violations.

The new king of obvious domain violations is now 4.CN – a Chinese auction web site that clearly shows the state of lawless anarchy in China, regarding intellectual property.

For example, more than 90 “facebook” domains are being listed on 4.CN; some even have offers!

Let’s not even start with the number of “iPhone” domains listed for sale on 4.CN: an astounding 396 domains!

We also found 157 “Microsoft” domains listed for sale!

It’s a shame that 4.CN is openly allowing its members to pirate trademarks on its marketplace.

Domainers are advised to stay clear from such troublesome domain platforms.

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3 Responses to “Chinese auction site 4.CN is the new king of trademark violations”
  1. Picas says:

    It ‘s not earthquake …China is great thief of the world …for centuries,If you have something original,unique,keeps it away from Chinese …

  2. Trico says:


    4.CN has a long way to go before they can be crowned King.

    I don’t know who the true King is but GoDaddy would certainly be in the running.

    I just went to GoDaddy’s TDNAM.

    In the box where it says, “Find Your Domain”, I separately entered just the Trademark keywords you used, IPhone, Facebook and Microsoft.

    No filters were set and I set for results 500 listings per page.

    IPhone turned up thousands and thousands of results. I stopped after about Page 6.

    Many of these TM infringing domains are in the Closeout section but many are also listed with asking prices in the many thousands of $.

    Facebook keyword turned up 4 Pages so there are close to 2,000 Facebook keyword domains in

    Microsoft keyword turned up just under 200 domains. Many are closeout auctions but these two caught my eye, MicrosoftPC .net listed for $25,000 and MicrosoftJobs .com for $50,000.


    GoDaddy trumps 4.CN by far in the domain trademark infringement Marketplace.

  3. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Trico – There’s a difference, I’m afraid. At TDNAM, the majority of the domains listed are automatically e.g. already expired at GoDaddy.

    At 4.cn, every single listing is intentionally done so.

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