Chinese domain market report : Government seeks the full identity of China’s domainers


Chinese domain investors and common registrants alike, take notice: China’s government wants your real identity when registering domains.

The world’s second largest economy has grown in strides, but socially it utilizes a flavor of “Communist Capitalism” that Westerners aren’t familiar with.

And now, domain name registrations in China require the submission and verification of real and accurate personal data, within 30 days.

Telecommunication companies’ admins will supervise the operation of domain registrars, that should also regularly report their transactions and security control measures.

In other words, Big Brother is watching.

Meanwhile, the Chinese domain market is witnessing strong signs of fatigue, as sales volume has dropped, and prices are below $1,000 for “Chinese quad premium” LLLL .com domains.

We keep track of short domains, between 1 to 4 characters, that change hands in China, in the .COM, .NET and .CN TLDs.

Today’s domain list spans the dates: October 8th to November 7th, 2017. That’s a full month, and the list contains 1,563 domains; if you think that’s a lot, in the glory days of the Chinese domain market’s peak, in 2015, the same number of transactions would occur in 2-3 days.


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    Hunt em down …….. damn domainers !

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