Chinese domain sales : Show us the yuan, Le bo ski !


Chinese domain sales.

“Where is the money, Lebowski?”

That question, in the form of a movie quote from the movie, The Big Lebowski, applies to the current market conditions in China.

It seems that there is money, lots of it, and Chinese investors burned by the tremendous fluctuations of the stock market, are keeping it in their wallets.

Dollar reserves have reached a record amount in China, a country proud of its native currency, the yuan.

It seems that trust towards the yuan is fading fast; all while the government has restructured social security to encourage consumerism.

We’re also witnessing a substantial drop in domain transactions among the Chinese, as far as short 2-4 character .CN and .COM domains are concerned.

As of late, Chinese domain sales have been considerably less than the 10-12+ average we witnessed before the New Year celebrations flatlined most domain trading activity.

Today’s pitiful domain list is below:

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  1. Hire Domains says:

    My Butler couldn’t get any sales in China so he came back

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