Chinese domain sales : Stock market down $1.8 Trillion this year!

chinese-domain-marketHow has your domain “chips” portfolio fared this year so far?

The numbers are down, not because we ask questions, but we ask questions *because* the numbers are down!

It’s the economy, stupid!

The Chinese stock market has been down a staggering $1.8 trillion dollars in 2016 and there is no indication of how much longer oversold stocks will continue to sell.

Stock pushers in the Chinese stock market created the type of oversupply that definitely is reflected in other markets, including the domain market in China.

And yet, many don’t get it.

While many so-called “premium Chinese letters” (Chips) aren’t selling in the sub-$2000 dollar range, some domainers are still seeking to sell at $3,000 dollars.

As domain investor Sahar Sarid said, “China is an inefficient market bound for a correction.”

Regardless, the Chinese domain market is fascinating, taking into consideration the real currency of the market: two letter/number .com and three letter/number .com domains. Acquired by corporations and investor funds, these beauties continue to appreciate.

We keep a close eye on short domain sales in China, with some data provided by

Here are today’s domain movements:


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One Response to “Chinese domain sales : Stock market down $1.8 Trillion this year!”
  1. Jason says:

    Is there a market for western worded domains. 2 or 3 words that are a phrase etc and with meaning?

    There is a lot talked of 2 and 4 letters, however, as China moves from manufacturing into actual overseas presence, western worded domain names are the only option, there is no alternative. However, how do we reach businesses and investors in domains with such English worded domains?

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