Country ccTLD furor: Seychelles won’t be losing .SC to Scotland

Officials from the tiny nation and island cluster of the Seychelles breathed with relief today, after the Scottish independence poll yielded a resounding “NO”.

Facing a forceful change from the dot .SC ccTLD, the Seychelles will now be able to keep it – at least, until the next referendum for Scotland takes place.

“Thanks to the commitment of the Scots to the Union with Great Britain, we can safely say that our national ccTLD is secure,” said Frances Bacon of the Seychelles Telecom Authority.

“The ISO 3166-1 allows for the rapid transition of a country’s ccTLD in cases such as an emergency, and we would have lost the case, had Scotland become independent,” added Bacon.

While not perfect, the country list of two letter codes dictates their online presence on the Internet and it’s defined by the ISO 3166-1 chart.

Domainistan, the most recent country to be added on the chart, operates from dot .DS.


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