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Defbuzz : Tech veteran Mike Bahlitzanakis splashes into media with crowd-sourced news portal


Defbuzz is a new, crowd-sourced web site from veteran domain investor, Mike Bahtlitzanakis.

Operating from Defbuzz.com, the news portal intends to deliver an innovative, crowd-sourced approach and a unique mission, becoming a major player in modern media. Defbuzz offers trending entertainment, politics, money, and world news all in just minutes.

Defbuzz.com aims to capitalize on millennials’ need for immediacy and instant engagement by providing a platform that is quicker and more agile than other news sources.

Young writers tap into social media forums like Reddit and Twitter to identify and report on important topics. In short, Defbuzz.com uses a live feed to produce news for and by millennials in real time.

Mike Bahlitzanakis, founder of City.com

Mike Bahlitzanakis, founder of Defbuzz.com

Bahlitzanakis is best known from his experience in the internet domain industry after launching BPHG Media in 2007.

As the founder of City.com and the co-founder of SEO.com, Bahlitzanakis has also been heavily involved as a techpreneur and an angel investor.

Both presented an opportunity to create a dynamic forum for young writers to lend their voice to important conversations. The idea had been germinating in Bahlitzanakis’s mind for years before he secured private equity for the project.

Defbuzz.com is an amalgamation of entertaining, educating and viral content.

Anything and everything that is relevant or trending for the millennial demographic is likely to find a home on Defbuzz.com.

For example, the site’s rapid-fire approach to flash journalism and real-time engagement recently featured political analysis and a story about a secret sex island for cheaters. A viral video might vie for attention next to a 250-word story about an anti-Merkel insurgency.

The overarching vision of Defbuzz.com goes beyond providing a flexible, real-time media source.

“Clicks and pageviews are obviously the lifeblood of the internet,” said Bahlitzanakis, “but Defbuzz.com is about more than that. We aim to make both the world bigger and closer together, by fostering a writing community and giving them a platform of quality expression.”

No stranger to innovation and risk, Bahlitzanakis has positioned Defbuzz.com as both a hub for young writing talent and a source of real-time news. In a world of clickbait and single-note media, Defbuzz.com intends to stand out.

For more information, visit Defbuzz.com.

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