Domain miracle: Sedo transaction completes after 12 years!

Sedo support via email only, today.

Years after her retirement, Helga of Sedo delivers results.

In what appears to be a record for a domain sale – at least, in terms of time it took to complete – a transaction at Sedo has completed after 12 years, four months and 27 days!

This remarkable incident was the product of extraordinary circumstances:

  • Right before the domain transfer, the seller went into an artificially induced coma, where he remained for two years.
  • Two months later, the buyer and their spouse had a bitter divorce, leading to a bankruptcy.
  • Soon after, the buyer went on a sabbatical in Eastern Europe, indulging in carnal debauchery with the local women for several years.
  • After being fired, the Sedo account manager for this domain opened her own restaurant in Frankfurt, Germany, leaving the account info on a post-it note.
  • That note was trashed soon after by the cleaning lady.

But all’s well when it ends well.

The domain is now in the hands of the buyer, and the seller has received a considerable compensation from Sedo, that also waived its transaction fees.

“Typically, we might have a case where a transfer of assets takes up to 30 days, but this is an exception,” said Markus Czfrk of Sedo.

“Most buyers are eager to get started with their domains, and most sellers want the cash, but in this case we lost the ball, totally!” exclaimed Czfrk, smiling.

Congratulations to both buyer and seller, and to Sedo for renewing the domain every year since 2004!

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2 Responses to “Domain miracle: Sedo transaction completes after 12 years!”
  1. Kate says:

    I hope this was an being bought for $$$ in 2002 – well worth the wait 😀

  2. DomainGang says:

    Kate – We’ll never know, looks like an NDA was signed for the purpose of managing the cumulative embarrassment. 😀

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