Domainer parents: Mom and Dad giving son a hard time!

For most of us in middle age, our parents – whenever alive – most likely stick to setting an obsolete VCR, or resetting the blinking LED alarm clock.

Mom and Dad aren’t expected to know about or use computers much, let alone indulge in the fine art of domaining.

Not so for Frank Kilroy of New Jersey, a domain investor who somehow got his own parents addicted to the game.

“Every morning, I get a call from my Mom, asking whether she should register a .com that’s part of current news: Murderer names, new viruses, a cat or dog that went viral,” says Frank Kilroy.

“My Dad, on the other hand, wants to know more about DNS and MX records, bidding on NameJet and how to best reply to Domain Name Sales inquiries,” adds Kilroy, shaking his head.

Kilroy’s parents are in their mid 70’s and their newly found interest in domain names became more than a hobby after their son returned from NamesCon this year.

“I told them about how NamesCon had almost 900 attendees and how I made all this wonderful connections, and they said it’s no more bingo nights, they want to go to NamesCon next year!” exclaimed Kilroy, laughing.

For Sandra and Ronald Kilroy, domaining is the gift that keeps on giving; Sandra recently sold her first domain on NamePros, and Ronald has had steady revenue with his parked domains on Bodis.

Are your parents domainers?

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  1. RaTHeaD says:

    this article was unclear to me. are domains a good thing or not?
    and btw… godammit … why do i have to bring your pet ant some tasty bread?

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