Domainer Poll : Are you a Pokemon Go player?

Pokemon domains lead to UDRP.

Pokemon domains lead to UDRP.

The penetration of Pokemon Go among every social layer has been immense.

Chasing imaginary “pets” with your cellphone can lead to a variety of unfortunate incidents, but Augmented Reality is expected to be an 100+ Billion dollar market in 2020.

Domain investors should refrain from registering domains that contain trademarks, such as Pokemon, Pokemon Go and the like. You might get a UDRP, and it’s not worth it.

That’s common sense, and yet, domain auction venues, such as Flippa, are full of Pokemon domains.

So here’s a quick poll among domainers, to get you going. 😀

Do you play Pokemon Go?

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One Response to “Domainer Poll : Are you a Pokemon Go player?”
  1. Brian Cowan says:

    The proliferation of pidgeys in my area reminds me of Rick Schwartz’ endearing term for common domains.

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