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DomainTools: Expanding WHOIS in the new Internet era


With only a handful of gTLDs having gone live at the root servers, there is very little activity currently in the expanded Internet lanes.

But this doesn’t mean that companies immersed in domain data aren’t preparing for the ‘Big Flood‘ – the big push of domain (re)branding that will manifest a huge change in how we perceive domains and brands.

One of them is DomainTools, the right arm of every serious domain investor, that is currently supporting several gTLDs in its queries.

We see .sexy and .tattoo by Uniregistry being supported, along with .plumbing, .camera, .equipment, .estate, .gallery, .graphics, .lightning and .photography. The latter group is owned by Donuts, Inc. – by far the biggest investor in gTLDs.

Below is a sample output of a query against nic.sexy:

WHOIS output for nic.sexy by DomainTools.

WHOIS output for nic.sexy by DomainTools.


No signs of Frank.sexy yet, but don’t be surprised if some other guy named Frank eventually grabs that one. 😀

This post is 100% true!

This post is 100% true!

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