Dot .CN domain names : Less control by the Chinese government

Made in China - the triple x version.

Dot .CN is less restricted now.

Apparently, the Chinese government has once again eliminated the need for special paperwork in order to register dot .CN domain names.

Confused? So are we. Here’s a timeline of events:

Several years ago, when the dot .CN ccTLD opened up for business, only Chinese registrants could register .CN domains. Later on, these restrictions were lifted, allowing anyone to register .CN domains.

The caveat: some documentation and other requirements were necessary, making it impractical for such domain investments to occur outside of China.

Currently, the changes remove the need for special paperwork, as long as the default nameservers are used. But if one wants to create an active web site – or, presumably, park the domains – then they need to register with CNNIC and provide identification with photo, or a business license.

It’s still too complex, if you ask us.


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