Flippa : Domains with no reserve, or with reserve?

Austin L. Church, of Bright Newt Apps, wrote a guest post on the Flippa blog, encouraging domain sellers to use the marketplace offering their assets with “no reserve.”


Church shares his personal experience selling an app business, and how he used the Flippa premium listings to leverage and promote the sales.

Overall, he is happy with the results he achieved, but is his personal experience applicable to every domain or web site auction?

The truth is, that a lot of quality domains might achieve a less than prime selling price; by not setting a reserve price, a domain investor can risk losing a large chunk of money.

An example of a no reserve domain listing, is the sale of for only $1,550 – a premium, aged dot .net domain that should have sold for thousands of dollars more!

It is prudent, therefore, to take into consideration the dynamics of the particular domain, when listing it on Flippa – or other domain auction venues – for sale.

By not safeguarding the domain with a reserve price, you risk losing money – not to mention, you come across as not domainer-savvy.

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3 Responses to “Flippa : Domains with no reserve, or with reserve?”
  1. David M says:

    I’m testing the “no reserve” auction on two names, and Neither one of them are gaining much traction, and I’m nervous that I may lose money. Time will tell though…

  2. @David, the second one you mentioned has good potential, you won’t loose money on that one!

  3. Kevin Fink says:

    @David ~ Real estate and adult names don’t do particularly well on our platform. If you or anyone is interested in consulting with us prior, which includes stragegizing the kind of auction(s) to run, you can always reach out to us via Help@Flippa

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