Flippa sale ends in chargeback for transferred domain name

PayPal will now make it harder to cheat the system.

PayPal doesn’t treat disputes over intangible items equally.

A domain owner who sold the domain name on Flippa, claims that the domain was essentially stolen, as the payment by the buyer was reversed.

The sale of was completed in early April, and in late July, the payment was reversed at PayPal by the buyer.

After contacting PayPal with proof of transferring the domain to the buyer’s account with GoDaddy, the seller received the usual treatment from PayPal for items that are digital goods.

The interesting part: the seller contacted the buyer, who claimed he never initiated a credit card dispute, stating that his account “might have been hacked,” and asked for the seller to be patient as he investigated the matter.

Since then, the buyer has not responded to several emails, prompting the seller to report this to Flippa.

For the full text of this case, click here.

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2 Responses to “Flippa sale ends in chargeback for transferred domain name”
  1. RaTHeaD says:

    isn’t it common knowledge that paypal is NOT a bank and is the online equivalent of dealing with comcast?

  2. Travis says:

    What kind of cheap asshole would do a charge back on $40 bucks. What a loser lol.

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