Former Rick Schwartz domain reaches major milestone


Rick Schwartz visibly happy about the iReport sale - Photo courtesy of

It was less than three years ago that Rick Schwartz broke on through “to the other side” with one blockbuster domain sale.

By selling to the Cable News Network (CNN) for a reported $750,000 Rick Schwartz essentially achieved both a hefty domain sale and a free promotion of the domain industry in a single strike.

Ever since CNN started using the domain as a field for both amateur and professional journalists to showcase their reports from around the globe, the response has been tremendous.

It was late yesterday that CNN announced that the challenge of having an iReport from every country around the world has been achieved.

Lee Miller, 32, of San Francisco, heard about the challenge on Monday and uploaded his snapshots from a 2008 trip to the tiny South Pacific island of Nauru. CNN approved the submission, thus completing the list of countries with such a report.

Thus, the contribution of Rick Schwartz to the success of such a challenge must not only be noted, but should also be heavily “exploited” by advertising it in a global fashion.

Congratulations Rick!

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