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Frank Schilling’s 18 “Trademark Domains” revealed

Frank Schilling sporting Chef Patrick's beard

There is no doubt that when it comes down to managing gigantic domain portfolios, uber-domainer Frank Schilling plays the game right.

With more than 240,000 domains according to DomainTools, it’s amazing how a decade of amassing and monetizing some real gems – such as or – has resulted in very little legal trouble.

We dug deep, and managed to find a total of 18 “trademark domains” that Frank Schilling owns :)

While these might appear not to be many, they definitely form a respectful portfolio.

Here is the list:

Incidentally, Frank – a transplant from Canada – also owns, eh? :D

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One Response to “Frank Schilling’s 18 “Trademark Domains” revealed”
  1. ha ha i was expecting ……cocoa-cola or something like

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