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Frank Schilling’s ‘Seven Mile’ blog gets a makeover

These days, uber-domainer Frank Schilling, isn’t just investing quietly in the sidelines.

The Canadian transplant to the Caymans is busy revamping his domainer and blogger image as well.

Some recent changes at his popular blog, SevenMile.com, were well-perceived by the domain community, as expected.

Frank Schilling's blog got a makeover.

“Visitors were tired of seeing me in my wet cargo pants, so I thought I’d use some of Chef Patrick’s models for my blog,” said Frankie.

“It’s amazing what wonders a little feminine touch can do to one’s image!” added Frank Schilling, while sipping from a glass of Bacardi rum and coke.

Frank promised to add more attractive bikini girls to his blog, and visitors are expected to quadruple before the summer arrives.

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