Friday sloths : Some big news about a new domain venture has been postponed!

Lazy Domainers are everywhere. Original photo: Sergiodelgado.

Domainer sloths are everywhere. Original photo: Sergiodelgado.

It’s Friday, and it’s the best time of the week to postpone breaking news about new domain ventures.

How so?

Very simple. Domainers take a break from a full week of non-stop activity, and want to watch videos of cats drinking water from slowly dripping faucets.

“On Fridays, we basically sit on our asses, pretending to work, even my boss does that,” said Jared Ewy of

“Of course, it’s part of my job to be inventive and funny and I do my best through my videos – check out the one with the goat,” added Ewy, who is a big fan of the movie “Office Space.”

In other parts of the country, domain investors agreed with the sentiment that if the weekend could be moved to another day, it should involve taking Friday off.

“Friday is my least favorite day of the week, and I do my best to lessen its impact on the other days,” said Frank Schilling, further elaborating:

“I do a lot of work on Fridays but it’s not appreciated by the average sloth mind. Everyone expects the big news to be released on a Monday, it’s like an addiction to many!”

So there you have it, some big news about a new domain venture involving a company in the mid-west will have to be postponed until Monday arrives.

Enjoy your Friday, slackers!

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