The FTC issues hefty fine to the manager of 18 dating sites for ‘fake profiles’

The Federal Trade Commission has issued a fine to the British dating services company JDI Dating,  for using computer generated user profiles, referred to as “virtual cupids”.

These fake profiles were used as a bait, tricking users into upgrading their own accounts to paid memberships.

Upon creating their profile, the users would receive messages from people who supposedly lived nearby, that wanted to meet; the details would only be revealed once the users updated their subscription.


A total of 18 web sites are included as part of the FTC fine, including,, and

JDI Dating was fined $616,165 dollars and must refrain from repeating this practices. For the full decision by the FTC, click here.

Here is the complete list of web sites operated by JDI Dating; some are forwards:

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3 Responses to “The FTC issues hefty fine to the manager of 18 dating sites for ‘fake profiles’”
  1. SpamAndScam says:

    But she said she ….loved me !

  2. jayjay says:

    I guess the federal trade commission has upgraded JDI dating to paid membership too, haha.
    Many of these sites have been exposed on the news over the years anyway, If I recall red hot pie was one
    where they employed call workers (single muns, granny’s, whoever) to reply to potential clients
    (suckers) to lure them into thinking they where talking to possible relationship prospects.
    Many of the single muns, granny’s came forward in the media to expose their employers, probably
    to sell…

  3. Steve says:

    Do companies in other countries care about FTC fines? Can the FTC actually do anything if they just ignore the fine?

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