GoDaddy denies allegations of steroid use in latest “Bodybuilder” commercial

GoDaddy is using bodybuilders to promote business growth.

GoDaddy is using bodybuilders to promote business growth.

The latest commercial by GoDaddy, to be used during the Super Bowl extravaganza, is already creating a lot of unexpected controversy.

Gone are the days that the use of ample chests and curvy behinds dominated the GoDaddy marketing attempts; the GoDaddy girls are nowhere to be found.

Instead, an army of clearly steroid-enhanced bodybuilders, including Danica Patrick in a muscle suit, is rushing to the “spray tan business” of a GoDaddy customer.

We had no idea even black dudes want a tan, but apparently that wasn’t the only creative issue with the GoDaddy commercial; apparently, they are now allegations of heavy steroid use during the making of the Godaddy “bodybuilder” video.

“Our actors are athletes that use organic products and professionally designed sports equipment to achieve their top physique,” said GoDaddy PR manager, Toby Matteus, while downing some FDA-approved supplements.

“We vehemently deny allegations that steroids or human growth hormone were used in the making of the video, but we did digitally enhance the physical appearance of some ugly meatheads – who doesn’t do this these days, come on!” exclaimed Matteus, while performing inverse squats in his office chair.

Meanwhile, the Association of Former GoDaddy Girls (AFGG) is preparing to picket against sexual discrimination, as they have been shelved from all future material used by GoDaddy.

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