‘Godaddy screwed me!’ Domainer account sent to collections agency over $8.50

Where is the money Lebowski?

GoDaddy wants to know where is the money.

Fresh from the yes!wtf department comes this news about GoDaddy sending to collections a domainer who didn’t keep an active credit card on record.

Although the “Godaddy Screwed Me” title might have been overkill, so was the GoDaddy act, that involved an amount of $8.50 for the domain and $25 for the collection agency:

“After being a loyal customer for years godaddy sends one of my auto renewals to a collection agency. $8.50 for the domain and $25 for the collection agency. $33.50 because i forgot to turn the auto renewal off. So if you have names you’re unsure of renewing, turn auto renewal off. “

It seems that the autorenewal process attempted to charge an outdated credit card on file and that triggered a series of events, leading to an act of involving collections that another domain registrar, 1&1 is notorious about.

Commentary left by other domainers was scathing:

“i think this is unprecedented as godaddy just locks you out of your account if they can’t charge your credit card any amount they think you owe them – their way of doing business sure stinks”

Others attempted to understand what was going on:

“I’ve forgotten to update a card in the past but they notified me of the failed payment & didn’t send me to a collection agency? This must have been months back wen they tried to charge you.”

But seriously, why would GoDaddy engage a collections agency for $8.50, is beyond us.

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3 Responses to “‘Godaddy screwed me!’ Domainer account sent to collections agency over $8.50”
  1. Cj says:

    I’m not aware of us sending any customers to collections. I have checked with the appropriate team and they’ve confirmed that we don’t send anyone to collections for having an expired credit card on file. I’d very much like to investigate this and find out what’s actually going on. Please feel free to email me, or have the account holder email me using the email address I’ve provided on this form.
    Thank you,
    ^Cj – GoDaddy

  2. DomainGang says:

    Cj – Here’s the ongoing discussion on this incident: http://dnforum.com/threads/godaddy-screwed-me.529249/

  3. I have found that if you turn it off, for the auto renewal some how it gets turned back on. I have found so many things similar to this, that GoDaddy has done to me! I canceled Website Tonight many years ago, then finding they had auto renew on years later. Things like this, you have to watch with a “EAGLE EYE” over there, as the rep’s do not make commission, when you turn it off, or something.

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