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Green domainer planet : Uniregistry joins the Clean Seas Foundation

The Cayman Islands are surrounded by some of the most crystal clear waters in the Caribbean; Uniregistry is proud to call them home.

Founder and CEO, Frank Schilling, spoke of a brand new initiative to keep those waters clean.

“We’re supporting the initiative of the the Clean Seas Foundation, an organization that will help sustain the beauty of our local and extended ecosystem,” said Frank Schilling.

“Millions of dollars is wasted every day on non-recyclable items that end up in the water system, poisoning wild life and eventually us humans. We are going to help change that,” added Schilling.

Starting today, Uniregistry will no longer issue paper invoices for domains being registered on their Market. They are also discontinuing the popular Uniregistry Mail, a venture that so far printed 5.6 million emails, on premium quality paper.

“By ending the Uniregistry Mail venture we are committed to keeping the Cayman Islands clean, and we’ll do our very best to minimize office-generated pollution,” said Frank Schilling, adding: “At the Uniregistry offices, we’ve installed high pressure, low volume toilet flushers to conserve water.”

More domain registrars are expected to join Uniregistry in terminating paper invoices.

Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, with fans during NamesCon.

Uniregistry founder, Frank Schilling, with fans during NamesCon.

The Clean Seas Foundation is supported by some of the smartest domain investors, including brothers James Booth and Andy Booth, Steven Kennedy, Giuseppe Graziano, Oliver Holger, Andrew Rosener and Yoni Belusov.

These domainer monoliths participate in the Clean Seas Foundation quietly, without wasting time by leaving unnecessary comments on domain industry blogs.

The concept was formulated during NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas, at the request of several DomainGang and Voodoo founders.

“I think that more domainers should become less wordy and more active, in order to serve the community better, and humanity in general. We are all sisters and brothers and Earth is our Mother,” said Frank Schilling.

To participate in this initiative, join the Uniregistry/foundation.

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One Response to “Green domainer planet : Uniregistry joins the Clean Seas Foundation”
  1. Amanda says:

    Kudos to Uniregistry for not only helping Mother Earth but encouraging others to follow in their footsteps!

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