Hung or frisky? Join some important .CLUB domains at a reasonable cost!

The recent story of how Bruce Marler got Credit.Club for $10.99 is a story that kept domainers buzzing in disbelief.

While there are plenty of quality .CLUB domains in the wild, there are plenty more that have been reserved by the dot .CLUB Registry.

Most of these domains can be acquired for a fee in the low to mid four figures USD, for those interested.

If you want to join some important clubs, you can currently acquire the following domains from the Registry:

  • MileHigh.Club – For those that already have, or intending to hit a “home run” while on an flight.
  • BigDick.Club – For the guys that swing some large clubs, this is the ultimate domain to own.
  • Swingers.Club – Lots of people enjoy sharing their sex partners and have penicillin shots several times a year, who are we to judge?

We aren’t kidding.

MileHigh.Club will set you back $3,800 and BigDick.Club can be yours for just $3,000 dollars. There is no price tag on Swingers.Club, so inquire at the .CLUB Registry.

Whether you hand register, or buy your next .CLUB domain from the Registry, have fun with developing your web site, just like Bruce Marler did with Credit.Club.

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One Response to “Hung or frisky? Join some important .CLUB domains at a reasonable cost!”
  1. Aaron Strong says:

    As the son of a Pilot and Stewardess…..the Mile High Club has a different meaning to me…. I guess you can say I am in the club, although for a different reason…

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