ICANN marginally approves the .CON gTLD

Dot .CON is a reality.

With 4 votes for and 3 against, the ICANN gTLD committee for the advancement of the Internet has approved one of the most confusing – and controversial – gTLD strings yet.

Application #1776 was approved, sending .CON onto the approved list; the applicant, Construction Armor Inc. of North Carolina was given the news early Tuesday.

“We are ecstatic, such a great opportunity for our future expansion in concrete construction contracts,” said Marty McFlyer, company CEO.

“Although some associate .CON with negative functions and elements, we stand 100% behind our customers that will be typing our gTLD just one pinky stroke past the .COM,” added McFlyer.

Current decisions by ICANN, such as the denial of the .CAM application, are clearly showing that the ICANN approval system is laden with process faults and loopholes; the .CON applicant provided its sizable link to Middle East construction contracts, as part of its credentials.

A minority shareholder to the company, is King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

There are plenty more controversial gTLD applications in the horizon; ICANN is expected to rule on .PENIS, .DOUCHE and .KKK next.

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