Las Vegas: Domainer camping at NamesCon has already started

It’s on like NamesCon; domainers eager to capitalize on the upcoming domain conference’s opening next Sunday, are already flocking to Las Vegas.

With many venues maxing out on capacity, those early NamesCon-goers are preparing for the big night on January 11th.

“We wanted to have a taste of the various delicious food Vegas offers, and plan to be there on Thursday instead,” said Marcus Hollerman of the Netherlands.

“In Europe no place like Vegas, and gamble is good as much as domains, although no tea houses to smoke!” added Hollerman, winking.

Many NamesCon visitors are eager to both socialize and engage in establishing meaningful business connections with other domain professionals.

Some attendees are setting up shop outside the venue, waiting for the launch; camping lines are growing as the conference approaches.

“I thought it would be fun to watch Richard Lau and his team arrive and set up the conference, I wanted to be the first one to check in!” exclaimed Jared McLinski, from Illinois.

“Not to mention, I’m sick and tired of blowing snow all week and needed a break,” added McLinski.

Low temperatures will be in the 40’s during the week of the conference, with highs in the 60’s – a perfect weather to camp outside of NamesCon and sing songs, all while waiting for the domain conference to begin.

Here’s a list of things to do in Las Vegas.

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