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Love watches? So does Frank Schilling!

Frank Schilling of Uniregistry and DNS.

Frank Schilling and his Patek Philippe.

We’re living in an era of smartphones; the millennials are actively spending a total of 9 hours daily on them.

As such, wrist watches are a hard sell, even with the introduction of smart watches.

Whether you wear a watch as a fashion statement, or as a functional accessory that tells time, a watch is a very personal choice.

Frank Schilling bought a TAG Heuer – a poor man’s Rolex – for a few hundred when he was at high school; when his company hit $1 million dollars in sales in 2004, he spent $79,000 dollars on a Patek Philippe 5970G.

The Wall Street Journal gives coverage to Frank’s taste in classic yet sporty wrist watches, in a recent article titled “Do Men Still Crave Status Watches?

Oddly, in an article 5 years ago we pointed out Frank’s love for quality watches, although it was a parody.

Personally, we’re partial to the Citizen Eco Drive series. 😀


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