NamesCon 2016 : Attendance cost analysis using LLLL .com domains


The cost of NamesCon using LLLL .com domains.

With just 88 days left until NamesCon, the biggest domain industry event of 2016, it’s about time you get your stuff ready.

The benefits of meeting the top of the crop of the domain industry in one large, fun gathering are immense.

Joe Styler of GoDaddy wrote a guest article recently about this very subject.

So what will be your cost to attend NamesCon 2016?

There are so many domainers who are trading LLLL .com domains currently, that we thought it’d be interesting to use that as the coin to analyze expenses. 😀

Note: Using “Chinese” QJXZ letters. For premium letters, adjust accordingly.

Attending NamesCon could be broken down as such:

  • NamesCon ticket at current price: 0.5 to 2 LLLL .com domains.
  • Flight ticket to Las Vegas: 1 to 4 LLLL .com domains, depending on your location.
  • Hotel stay at the Tropicana: 2 to 2.5 LLLL .com domains, depending on length of stay.
  • Food and beverages: 1 to 2 LLLL .com domains, depending on how much snack food and bottled water you can handle.
  • Gambling, lap dances etc.: Unlimited domains!

If you own LLLL .com domains, the time is now to start selling before the Chinese bubble fully bursts.

See you at NamesCon 2016 in January!

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3 Responses to “NamesCon 2016 : Attendance cost analysis using LLLL .com domains”
  1. tor says:

    Where are ppl selling their domains? I cant seem to sell mine though i get a 25 dollar offer and its the highest the person will But then offers 30 a week later…

  2. DomainGang says:

    tor – try or Flippa.

  3. Michael says:

    Tor – send a list of your inventory to me, please

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