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Nissan Motors acquires Nissan.com for $25,000,000 dollars

After more than a decade of furious legal battles all the way to the Supreme Court, Nissan Motors has acquired the domain name Nissan.com.

Nissan Motors.

Nissan Motors.

Infused with cold cash from the recent sale of Z.com for $6.8 million dollars, Nissan Motors ponied up the remainder, making an acquisition valued at $25 million dollars for Nissan.com.

“We excited for acquire domain Nissan from honorable previous owner, use now for Internet sales and innovation that excites”, said the company’s CEO, Nagiroshi Shimogira at a Tokyo press conference.

“America use .com type for car, and Japan thank honorable broker establish agreement for mutually benefit of Nissan Motors!” exclaimed Nagiroshi Shimogira, taking a formal bow before the reporters.

The acquisition of Nissan.com for $25,000,000 dollars makes it the single most expensive domain name in history.

Meanwhile, a domain speculator from New York appears to have been “sitting” on a Nissan Motors trademark, InnovationThatExcites.com.

Would you buy a Nissan car?

We would, especially since many domainers consider domains and cars to be an “Innovation that Excites(tm)”.

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4 Responses to “Nissan Motors acquires Nissan.com for $25,000,000 dollars”
  1. Mark Dalton says:

    Is this for real or a joke?

  2. LOL ! @ “Is this for real or a joke?” 😀
    D Gang strikes again! ^^

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