One Flippa ‘Flight QZ8501’ domain auction was cancelled - The domain and web site aftermarket from Down Under – The domain and web site aftermarket from Down Under

Hours after we covered the registration and availability for sale on Flippa of “Flight QZ8501” related domains, one such auction has been cancelled.

The Flippa auction for the domain was ended prematurely by its owner and registrant, who posted the following message:

“Not selling anymore.  Thought about it again and gonna use it towards a more good cause. 


Our article must have hit a nerve, as an angry Flippa user lashed out against the seller, who deleted their comment.

In the past, domain opportunists have registered and offered for sale – even, actually sold – domain names that are related to global accidents, disasters or other loss of life.

These domain registrations are typically met with scorn and unsavory comments by domainers and non-domainers alike.

Meanwhile, the owner of the other Flippa listing for wants $500 for his heartless registration. 🙁

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