BODIS auction ended; who will win the UDRP?

Directnic was sold for $1650 dollars. was sold for $1650 dollars.

Several risk-takers participated in a last minute battle over the domain name, which was being auctioned publicly at DropCatch.

During the final 10 minutes of the auction, a bidding war erupted, sending the price of from $210 to the final bid of $1,650.

That bid, placed by someone using the username “afxxy5“, was ahead of the 2nd bid by a mere $50 dollars.

Some assert that carries an inherent potential for a UDRP by its former owners, food giant Kraft Foods.

Despite the lack of an exact trademark – the mark is “Oreo” – and a Greek word reference, is a hot potato domain to own under the circumstances.

Would you have bid on if Kraft never found out?

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