Oreos: Who will catch the .com and potentially the UDRP?

A bunch of Oreo cookies, collectively "oreos."

A bunch of Oreo cookies, collectively “oreos.”

As Mike Berkens noted, the domain Oreos.com has been in auction at DropCatch.com – an outfit of NameBright / Huge Domains.

After other drop catching services failed to catch the former domain property of Kraft Foods, the current status of the auction which expires in less than a day, shows a top bid of only $210 dollars.

Whoever wins the auction might, or might not, expose themselves to a potential UDRP and/or other type of litigation.

Depending on use, the word “Oreos” can represent the generally pluralized form of “Oreo”, the ever-popular cookie by Kraft Foods that comes as sandwich of cookie/creme/cookie and in several flavors.

Oreo is a registered trademark aged more than 100 years old, but in Greek the pluralized form is a homonym of “beautiful”, “lovely”, “handsome” or “great.” The actual word is “ωραίος.”

The top priority of anyone who wins the domain Oreos.com would be to ensure that no cookie ads would be displayed, if the domain is parked.

However, Kraft Foods might still attempt to get the domain back, as the last owners, and it’s clearly surprising that they let it expire and drop.

Meanwhile, Oreos.us is developed and serves as a project for the Abion High School AP physics class of 2013; the project uses real Oreo cookies for the job, and disclaims the use of the mark on their homepage.

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One Response to “Oreos: Who will catch the .com and potentially the UDRP?”
  1. Jamie Zoch says:

    Technically, Oreos.com has already been parked for nearly its whole life. Even Kraft parked it after they obtained the domain in August 2011. A little odd they didn’t transfer this domain out of eNom to CSC like they do with the vast majority of the other 1,500+ domains they own.

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