Page Howe : Los Angeles residents should get a .LA domain


Page Howe, dot .LA.

Domain investor Page Howe has been an early adopter of new gTLDs; a year after the Internet name space expanded to hundreds of new extensions, Howe is working on a different kind of brand.

As the Chief Engagement Officer of dot .LA domain ccTLD that serves as a brand and locale indicator, Page is promoting the use of .LA in the city of Los Angeles.

The ccTLD of Laos, an Asian country, is repackaged as a brand host, something that has been done before with other ccTLDs such as .ME for Montenegro and .CO for Colombia.

For the brands and companies in Los Angeles, the LA indicator serves as a distinct identifier.

About 95% of the domain names that are registered in .com, one can acquire them as a dot .LA domain, says Howe.

Page’s interview to SocalTech about the dot .LA opportunities for Los Angeles residents, can be read here.

You can also visit the project’s web site at www.LA and you can follow the LA Domains Group on Facebook as well.

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4 Responses to “Page Howe : Los Angeles residents should get a .LA domain”
  1. Tim says:

    This profits the country of Loas, this is their ext no los angeles.

    There might be some ethical beliefs against backing such a cause, the party above seems to be motivated by profit, with all the new extensions LA should get something that actually belongs to them, and profits back into the community.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Tim – You do realize this is licensed by the country themselves? So yeah, they got/get paid for this commercial use.

  3. Tim says:

    Oh wait I forgot this is a cheap pr piece.

    Yes, Laos profits from it, LA should get something where the city can profit back into their social eco system, not Loas, get it?

  4. DomainGang says:

    Tim – You sound very bitter, and since you live in Canada and not Los Angeles – or Laos – I think your argument is simply a demonstration of having a case of the Mondays. Get some coffee and donuts, eh.

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