Frank Schilling’s laptop photo leaked sensitive info about Topcoin ICO

Frank Schilling attended Web Hosting Days – USA – in Las Vegas last week, and naturally, posed for a photo op with other participants. The Uniregistry founder smiled at the camera multiple times, and in one instance shared the stage with domain industry professionals, Aaron Pace and Raymond King. In that photo, Frank’s laptop is […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. : List of “Equifax domains” getting longer following data breach

A scandalous data breach at Equifax affecting millions of consumers has exposed personal information, including credit card numbers. The credit reporting bureau scrambled to provide a search feature and information about the incident, but things aren’t looking good. Today, Equifax stock dipped to $90 dollars per share, down from $143 in August, before rising up […]

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Brands And Domains 2017 : Agenda of The Hague conference released

The 2nd Brands And Domains conference is coming up, and will be taking place in The Hague, on October 2nd and 3rd, 2017. Brands And Domains is an annual conference dedicated to dotBrand registry operations and future applications. It offers numerous opportunities to exchange and discuss key topics, best practices, research and analysis with the […]

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James Booth : founder moves Down Under

James Booth, domain broker and founder of the brokerage is moving, once again. The British expatriate has lived in Singapore and the Philippines extensively, and this time around he’s moving to the Land of the Oz, Australia. James secured his work visa for Down Under, allowing him to continue pursuing domain brokerage opportunities, while […]

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Chinese domain market : No more Bitcoin exchanges in China

China is getting ready to pull the plug on local Bitcoin exchanges, a step beyond ICO banning. The Chinese government is an unstoppable machine that regulates the Internet in China, hiding many Western service companies behind the Great Firewall. By ending the activity of local Bitcoin exchanges, China intends to strengthen its control and regulation […]

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GoDaddy power packs save the day during hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma caused a lot of damage and extensive power outages in the state of Florida. Thousands of FPL and Duke Energy customers were left without power, many of them domain industry professionals eager to respond to incoming offers. “We had cellular service the whole time but my phone was running out of juice,” said […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. puts the brakes on Chinese buyers’ credit cards has temporarily disabled credit card payments from Chinese buyers, due to high decline rates. The top domain payments facilitator announced that domain name buyers from China will have to use bank wire transfers, until the measure is reversed. Here is what announced: “We have noticed unusually high decline rates on credit cards from […]

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Greek domainer grabs “365” .TV domain variant with a slice of feta

If you’re Greek, you learn to bid on domains quick. After the surprising auction of 365.TV at Namejet for $60,000 dollars, Greek domain investor, Bobby Karpouzis, has not given up hope that he will sell his top notch domain, 36514.TV, for considerably more. Bobby, a direct descendant of Archimedes per his Yaya‘s bed time stories, […]

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Equifax data breach affects millions; dot .com gets snapped pronto

A massive data breach at Equifax means that as many as 143 million profiles are in the hands of cybercriminals. Ironically, Equifax is one of the three US credit bureaus, and they issue credit scores related to the credit-worthiness of Americans. Today, Equifax said in a press release that the so-called unauthorized access was discovered […]

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The best DomainSherpa show ever

Today, Mike Cyger announced the end of the DomainSherpa show, a stellar production that often challenged domainers with ADD, due to its length. 🙂 The fact is, that everyone watching or being a part of the DomainSherpa show, had a good time. Whether you read the transcripts, or watched the videos, the content retained its […]

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Track hurricane Irma with

Hurricane Irma is a nasty, category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. Here in Florida, we prepare for the worst and pray for the best, and it’s important to keep track of the path of Irma. Naturally, is the authority web site of the National Hurricane Center, providing updates every 3 hours about the hurricane’s […]

Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved. domain changes hands in China; eight figure sale possible

The premium two letter domain,, changed hands in China recently, and it could be a massive sale. According to Chinese domain investor and broker, George Hong of, it’s quite possible that the transaction involved “eight figures:” “ switched hands lately in China. Someone thought it might be an eight-figure sale in CNY, what […]

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