Penis transplant : Dot .com registrant ready to cash in; New procedure a success!

Male domainers with a small penis, rejoice!

It took just four months after a penis transplant, for a victim of penile mutilation to regain full control of his male organ.

According to news reports, the world’s first successful penis transplant was performed on a 21 year old man from South Africa.


A team of surgeons attached the new ‘member’ to the patient four months ago, and the results are better than expected, apparently. The original estimate of regaining a ‘stiffie‘ was 2 years post-surgery.

Which brings us to the subject of the owner of – a domain registered in 2005, according to DomainTools.

Waiting 10 years for this new procedure to be established as “routine” will be rewarded handsomely; meanwhile, the owner of the plural version, registered it in 2014.


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One Response to “Penis transplant : Dot .com registrant ready to cash in; New procedure a success!”
  1. Rod.Tv says:

    Apparently it can be attached to the forehead as well ,,,,,, there is another term for that procedure. In fact some folk are born with it already installed !

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