Pokemon domains : Shortest and longest trademark violations

Pokemon domains lead to UDRP.

Pokemon domains can lead to UDRP.

There is no bigger indication of a game’s success, than the number of registered domains violating its trademark.

Pokemon Go has been smashing every known record as far as downloads and usage are concerned.

The average Joe Gamer is often unaware of such “minute” details as trademarks, and Pokemon is one such registered mark.

Using ZFBot, the domain research tool, we took a closer look at some of the shortest and longest such trademark violations, involving “Pokemon” domains.

First, the longest.

There are currently 8 domains that are between 30 to 40 characters, the dash and numbers included, in every TLD and gTLD, as follows:

Although none is offered for sale, they are pointing to products and services related to Pokemon brands.

And now, the shortest:

There are also 231 “Pokemon Go” domains the exact string, no dashes or numbers – in the currently active gTLDs and TLDs:

There are also 111 “Pokemon” domains, in every TLD and gTLD imaginable; some are owned by the trademark and brand holders, obviously:

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