RainierTamayo.com : Man uses own name to host pirate torrents

Not the most sharp tool in the shed, a guy named Rainier Tamayo used his own full name as a .com to host torrents of pirate movies.

Hosting his content since 2012 at RainierTamayo.com, and RainierLand.com, the Filipino citizen apparently believed he’s outside the reach of the law.

Unfortunately for him, the Hollywood studios and the MPA/MPAA got the wheels moving, and Rainier Tamayo was arrested following a complaint from Australia-based anti-piracy outfit, Internet Fraud Watchdog.

The funny part of the story: All domains currently registered to Rainier Tamayo have privacy WHOIS on, despite featuring his full name in various forms in their URLs!

Definitely a Domainer Darwin Award of the year! 😀



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2 Responses to “RainierTamayo.com : Man uses own name to host pirate torrents”
  1. Dnvre says:

    LOL my Butler does the same

  2. Kevin says:

    Hollywood studios tools in the shed can’t be sharp either; 5+ years to bust him!

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