Raytheon : The domains of a multi-billion dollar corporation

The Raytheon Company is a major U.S. defense contractor, and industrial corporation, with core manufacturing concentrations in weapons and military and commercial electronics.

Raytheon employs a personnel of 61,000 and posted net sales of $24.069 billion dollars in 2016.

With all that in mind, Raytheon corporation is in possession of the 2nd oldest registered .com domain, The domain was registered on April 24th, 1985.

Raytheon acquired BBN Technologies in 2009, for $350 million dollars. Since 2014, redirects to an internal page at Raytheon.

Surprisingly, the domain was registered in 1995, perhaps because the company used initially, a domain registered in 1986. does not resolve to a web site, but it administers the Raytheon corporation’s domain names.

We took a look at the list of almost 500 domains administered by Raytheon, and found a few interesting facts, which we’re sharing today, exclusively.

Raytheon is in possession of the following three letter domains:

A total of 9 domains were registered more than 20 years ago: 4/24/1985 10/27/1986 5/12/1992 1/10/1994 4/17/1995 12/18/1995 4/16/1996 10/8/1996 10/10/1996

Raytheon has registered several new gTLD domains related to its corporate brands:

The company is very protective of its name, brands and top officers, and in possession of the following domains that contain derogatory or negative terms:

A very interesting corporate domain portfolio, and we’d like to thank DomainTools for providing us with the resources to perform this research.

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