Revision Legal: Law Firm recovered $3.5 million in stolen domain assets in 12 months

Quite often, lawsuits are required to reclaim domain names.

Quite often, lawsuits are required to reclaim domain names.

Revision Legal, a law firm based in Michigan, has announced its track record for the past 12 months, regarding the recovery of stolen domains.

Acknowledging that domain theft has become rampant, the statement opens thus:

“Domain name theft is an ever-increasing reality for any individual or business that owns a domain name. And combating this digital crime is a difficult task because many times few, if any, digital fingerprints are left behind.

In the last year, Revision Legal, an intellectual property and Internet law firm with extensive experience in domain theft, has recovered 486 domain names worth over $3.5 million. “

The announcement by Revision Legal further states that domain name theft can leave unsuspecting victims feeling lost and devastated,  as their property has literally vanished. Quite often, domain owners do not realize the loss until days or weeks later.

As part of its services, Revision Legal files lawsuits across the country to recover stolen domain names.

Eric Misterovich, partner at Revision Legal stated: “Many states recognize domain names as what we believe they are: property. And when someone steals your property, you should have the right to swift civil remedies.”

For the full press release, click here.

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