Rick Schwartz: Bring it on, Nicole!

Nicole and its projected path right over the TRAFFIC area in Miami.

Energized by his recent lifetime achievement award and assorted video from various domainers, Rick Schwartz is in high power mode with regards to both educating the masses about domain sale tactics and about TRAFFIC.

The only problem that might arise, is a little footnote in the Terms and Conditions of many sites, and it’s related to “Acts of God“.

Hurricane season is currently at its peak in Florida, known for its fine sand beaches, fishing and wild nights in the deep South.

With TRAFFIC South Beach / Miami scheduled for October 17 – 20, we would hope that no hurricane by a sassy female name would be cutting its way through Florida at that time.

Currently, tropical depression Nicole is about to become a storm or a hurricane, with its projected path directly over the upcoming TRAFFIC conference area.

Of course, Nicole should be history by the time TRAFFIC South Beach / Miami kicks off – shrimp, cocktails and all.

It would be advisable though for the TRAFFIC participants to bring along raincoats, as Florida weather in the summer and fall is rather unpredictable, with showers right in the middle of the day.

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2 Responses to “Rick Schwartz: Bring it on, Nicole!”
  1. Howard Neu says:

    The National Weather Service has assured us that the skies will be bright and sunny (except at night, when all will be able to see the beautiful and famous “Moon Over Miami”) for Friday, October 16th through Wednesday, October 20th and no hurricanes or tropical storms will be in the area. They will all be headed to New York.

  2. Lucius "Guns" Fabrice says:

    Howard 😀 I love Moon over My Hammy! And by all means, let those grouchy New Yorkers receive the wrath of weather, as long as Miami stays dry during TRAFFIC.

    By the way, it’s pouring down in Orlando, at the moment.

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