Rick Schwartz rocks the Urban Dictionary and political jargon domains

Rick Schwartz.

Rick Schwartz.

It’s not a secret that Rick Schwartz is enjoying his retirement from active blogging, after a full decade of supporting the TRAFFIC conference franchise.

The Domain King® has been active with hand-registrations of domain names, however, and we’ve noticed a preference in political “made up” terms, along with Urban Dictionary entries.

Rick’s recent sale of for an undisclosed amount surely wet his appetite for domains that could fetch a great ROI; combined with a bit of fun.

Here are some Urban Dictionary terms that Rick registered as domains recently:

Not only that, but Rick went all out with some “deplorables” domains as well. The term was used by Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, as a derogatory reference to the Donald Trump supporters.

There is no doubt that Rick Schwartz knows best how to leverage regular jargon, and political jargon domains, as potential joint ventures!


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3 Responses to “Rick Schwartz rocks the Urban Dictionary and political jargon domains”
  1. Dnvre says:

    He must be bored ……

  2. DomainGang says:

    Dnvre – Don’t challenge Rick! 🙂

  3. Danny Welsh says:

    I may have fooled myself into thinking I understand a lot of what Rick does, and the why behind it. But I have no idea what he’s thinking with the deplorable domains.

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