BODIS : Ping-pong game between Sedo and NameJet generated crazy commissions : Ping-pong between Sedo and NameJet. : Ping-pong between Sedo and NameJet. is a domain that earned huge commissions for the auction platforms it was sold for, and it’s not the only such domain.

Domain investors eager to generate revenue from the crashed LLLL .com market often sell them at a loss. A few weeks or months later, the market’s conditions can be more favorable.

The big winner in those cases are domain auction platforms, such as Sedo and NameJet, that earn commissions with every sale.

Typically 15% to 20% of each sale goes to the domain platform.

Another such domain is, that generated $1,600 dollars in commissions, after being sold 4 times over the course of a little over a year!

According to data from NameBio, was sold for:

  • $1,495 on Sedo on 9/22/2015
  • $2,900 on NameJet on 12/21/2015
  • $2,200 on Sedo on 1/12/2016
  • $4,235 on NameJet on 10/31/2016

This remarkable ping-pong session between Sedo and NameJet is the direct result of market instability, along with the business approach by Chinese domain investors that domains are monetary vessels.

We’re certain that there are dozens of such domain sales, ready to be discovered.


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