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Russian billionaire investor Sergei Putanov reveals: The Domainer Ramblings I like and why I like them


Russian domainer and billionaire, Sergei Putanov

Dobre vecher from Russia and Lucius ask me make blog post.

So I did and first tell you what I like America domain blog.

In mother Russia, blog write you.

But no easy task as vodka expensive. I don’t blog but read blog others.

In learning new I follow blog of domainers. But no every domainer good read.

Some blog good. Some blog bad. I read and learn and invest. Then have sex with Ukrainian prostitute.

Twenty year ago I tested adult business. Learn secret for business to make money. In Moscow easy was buy woman with pair of jeans. Now Gucci brand everywhere.

So have diversify or pay the price. Many time I had break leg those that did not pay price.

Good blog are hard to find, like virgin in Russia. Not easy. Recession made hard as ruble worth one tea bag.

Many domainer ask me, Sergei, what blog you read and why? And I tell them, yes, I read blog for fun or serious.

Do svidaniya in St. Petersburg and good domaining to my friend – especially Rick Schwartz.

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2 Responses to “Russian billionaire investor Sergei Putanov reveals: The Domainer Ramblings I like and why I like them”
  1. todaro says:

    i like when fat man in russia dance with fur hat…. you think he will fall down but he doesn’t.

  2. says:

    Man, this made me laugh as hell! Tears were pouring down! How the heck do you come up with something like this 😀

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