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Sergei Putanov: To hell with gTLD, stupid domainers


Sergei Putanov of Russian Bear Investments.

Sergei Putanov is not afraid to open his mouth – and not just to eat Beluga caviar.

The Russian billionaire who invested in land and domains through his Russian Bear Investments initiative, took a break from his summer vacations to talk to our correspondent in Ekaterinburg, Nikolai Domienenko and here is the unedited discussion:

Nikolai Domienenko: Sergei, what is your outlook about the upcoming gTLD launch by ICANN, is it good or bad news?

Sergei Putanov: Bad news. I told story how my father fished fish in strange lake, then drowned and bear ate him. Story means, keep doing what you are familiar, no surprise.

Nikolai: Very wise man, your father. But could you be more specific, what is so fearsome about the new gTLDs?

Sergei: When I sleep at night, I no have woman. Ukraine prostitute for pleasure but next I clear mind. So when gTLD come, you see that too much white noise, as American say. Like fat wife nag you at night, I not have.

Nikolai: In other words, gTLDs are not really needed. So why is ICANN $360 million dollars richer, if there is no need for them?

Sergei: ICANN organization I pay vodka. So took .communism, and .prostitute, easy. But for generic name, must pay $185,000 why? Like pirates in Baltic Sea, I piss in the water they drink.

Nikolai: We know that your firm, Russian Bear Investments, is looking to invest in the technology fields. Would you advise other domainers to do the same?

Sergei: What I do, like Mike Mann, is none other business. I made this way and know. Domainers fool if think gTLD make money for them. They are stupid, like a bear in circus beat drum and dance.

Nikolai: Any insight about your next venture, now that .prostitute took off in countries such as the Czech republic and Moldavia?

Sergei: I give you hint: sex sell. And when man get good woman twice day, he better business man. I have many plan, domainers watch but not copy, or I break leg.

Nikolai: Thank you very much, Sergei, for your time and your advice to domain investors worldwide.

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2 Responses to “Sergei Putanov: To hell with gTLD, stupid domainers”
  1. Allan says:

    Is this guy drunk when doing this interview?

  2. Lucius "Gunz" Fabrice says:

    Allan – Nikolai is never drunk. Unlike, Daryl the Drunk Domainer (RIP).

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