Shocking: Puppy Mill owner to sue GoDaddy for not airing Super Bowl commercial!

GoDaddy pulled their puppy mill commercial for the Super Bowl.

GoDaddy pulled their puppy mill commercial for the Super Bowl.

The owners of the puppy mill web site business featured on the original GoDaddy commercial, intend to sue GoDaddy for not airing it during the Super Bowl.

According to sources in the lucrative puppy breeding business, the promotion of their facility in the original commercial caused “irreparable harm” to their business, after the uproar that followed.

“GoDaddy broke their promise to air the commercial during the biggest family-oriented event of the year, the Super Bowl,” said Harry ‘Buddy’ O’Toole, whose wife appeared in the commercial.

“My wife and I were hoping to rebuild the farm and take a loan to expand our web business in the cloud, no way we can do that after the commercial got downed!” exclaimed O’Toole.

Thousands of protesters found the GoDaddy “puppy mill” ad to be tasteless and anti-animal; instead of showing some good old-fashioned T&A commercial, GoDaddy opted to show a stock video about some no-life dude who churns out computer code while his friends watch the Super Bowl.


It’s a shame that the O’Tooles had to endure this ordeal; we’ll keep you posted once there is an update on the legal front.

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