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Smoking: Sahar Sarid’s eJuice review web site goes live!


Sahar Sarid has launched its latest project, eJuice.com.

Catering to vapor enthusiasts, the developed web site provides reviews of smoking vapor products, often referred to as ‘juice’.

As promised in early December, the redesigned eJuice.com web site delivers the goods with plenty of eye-candy; the vapes and babes concept appears to be working rather well.


According to the web site:

“eJuice.com is the result of a decision and year long effort by Sahar Sarid and Jeff Bhavnanie, two long time friends and business partners, to bring tangible value to eJuice enthusiasts, eJuice vendors, and other industry professionals.”

Currently, there are more than 31,000 eJuices and 2,000 vendors listed; eJuice.com contains links to more than 6,500 videos and 3,700 product reviews.

Congratulations to Sahar and Jeff for rolling out a truly developed web site about vaping enthusiasts, and not some knock-off WordPress portal.

For more information, visit eJuice.com


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One Response to “Smoking: Sahar Sarid’s eJuice review web site goes live!”
  1. Steven says:

    Someone call Guiness, she has the best tongue in the world!

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