Super Bowl bullshit: We’ll never forgive you, Google!

It’s the Super Bowl half time, and Katy Perry kicks some major butt during the intermission for the biggest football event of the year.

What a voice! What a face! What an …ok you get the point.

And yet, what does Google present on its homepage? A doodle depicting some dude who died almost half a century ago.


That’s right, Google shows to its American viewers a doodle of Langston Hughes, who was born 113 years ago today.

Seriously Google, who gives a flying fuck about a long dead dead person on Super Bowl day?

We are advising everyone to switch to Bing over this insult against every American consumer.

Sorry Google, you are lame. And Katy Perry rocks.

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3 Responses to “Super Bowl bullshit: We’ll never forgive you, Google!”
  1. Veruca Salt says:

    No way, man. One of the many reasons Google rules, it sees beyond a shallow spectacle and an overrated popstar who shouts and stands her way through a performance and tries to cover her lack of talent with…. Fireworks.

    Also: Bing is the worst.

  2. DomainGang says:

    Veruca Salt – Are you totally dope? Every major US based web site featured the Super Bowl today, except for lame Google. It’s ok if you don’t watch it, I bet you’re into figure skating.

  3. Aaron Strong says:

    Even more disturbing is the fact that Langston Hughes was a die hard communist living off the freedom of democracy….Socialism and Communism continues to be promoted by Google, an American company…..

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